Proven strategies to get leading VCs interested in your project and real-life introductions to selected investors from 200+ VCs database

Get up to 30 introductions to new investors suitable for your project in a month!
The number of participants is limited.
Participation for selected projects ONLY.
You need the INVESTOR OUTREACH PROGRAM if the following sounds familiar to you:
I am not sure what's the right time to start fundraising;
I do not know how to start reaching the investors and/or where to find them;
I get no reply from investors about my materials;
I have no idea how much to raise at which valuation, and if the VC vision is more important than money they offer;
I want to continue operating my startup without devoting all my time to fundraising.
I don't know the fundraising processes and materials required at each stage.
Why Choose Us?
Let the numbers speak!
Our startups have raised over $50M in capital
Investors we have access to
20% of our investors are angels or HNW, 80% VCs, including early stage
Industries that we modeled and valued companies in
How it works
Program interview stage
In order to participate in the program, you need to achieve the minimum investor readiness score. This is to ensure that we only send strong startups to investors. After passing the test, you will have a 30 min telephone interview with Elena Gusakova.
One Pager Instructions
You receive instructions on how to arrange your one-pager and video pitch to market your startup most efficiently. While long presentations bore investors, we help you grab their undivided attention through effective audiovisual storytelling that sets the perfect first impression of your startup.
Investor Outreach Strategy
Our practical investor outreach strategy, describes how to start fundraising step by step and includes sample emails to investors. You don't need to have any prior investor relationships to begin using it.
Access to the list of 200+ VC funds
We provide you with a list of 200+VCs with all the info relevant for effective VC targeting: technology, industry, stage, revenue requirements. You can choose VCs that are relevant for you.
Review of your Financial Model*
*Starting from Advanced Package, we identify gaps in your financial model and give recommendations on whether the valuation is credible to investors, which increases your chances of successful fundraising and more favorable financing terms.
Full scope Market Analysis*
*Starting from VIP Package. We analyse the market and investors that may be suitable for your project (based on industry, stage, availability of funds, etc.) and provide you with a list of 20 - 30 venture funds, angels, that are suitable investors for your project. We select from more than 5000 VCs.
Introduction to VCs
Depending on the package you've chosen, we introduce your startup to the specified number of chosen funds and inform you if they are interested. Only for VIP package: We give you full feedback on why the project is/is not suitable
What you not gonna get!
Not included in the program
Preparing your Documents
You need to arrange all your materials according to the standards that we provide. If you are not able to do it, we can help you with this at an additional cost.
Introduction to VCs if you are not ready for fundraising
You need to achieve our minimum investor readiness score and comply with our submission criteria in order to be eligible for the program. Please check our selection process here!
No help with VCs Negotiations
We can conduct negotiations of the deal and term-sheets at an additional cost. They are not included in the program.
Selection Process
In order to participate in the program, you need to achieve the minimum investor readiness score. This is to ensure that we only send strong startups to investors. Аfter passing the test, you will have a 30 min telephone interview with Elena Gusakova.

Please take the test here:
Our investors include, but not limited to:
Ready to participate ?
Schedule a call now to secure your spot. The number of participants is limited.
Further, to get introductions to investors, you will need to sign a finder's fee agreement.
Press here to learn more about VIP package
1. Based on all information received from you, we analyse the market and investors suitable for your project (based on industry, stage, availability of funds, etc.). We provide you with the list of 20 - 30 venture funds, angels that are suitable investors for your project. We have more than 5000 VCs in our database and probably know the majority of VCs chosen.

2. You check the list and give us a reply if you will like to add/exclude any funds from the list.

3. We approach the selected funds (Approved Investors) and show them your project. Since we have an extensive network and work with many investors, we get a reply much faster.

4. We submit you a report with feedback from investors involved. We introduce you to those investors who showed interest in your project. We also give you feedback if investors are not interested and highlight why. Such feedback is also valuable for understanding your strategy and future steps. It offers you guidance on how to equip yourself with the right set of tools.

Investors answer our emails. NO MORE EMAIL WITH NO REPLIES.
Elena Gusakova is the Founder of Astra Global, a global business development company. Prior to her career in Business Development, Elena spent 8 years working as an M&A lawyer at private equity funds, leading cross border deals with the total deal amount exceeding $600M. She has a deep understanding of investment processes, investors' main concerns and is an experienced negotiator. Elena holds EMBA from Columbia and London Business Schools.
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA is the Founder and President of The Startup Station, an education and advisory platform focused on modeling and valuing early-stage ventures. 1,000+ founders have taken its courses and The Startup Statin's clients raised more than $50M in financing. Prior to founding The Startup Station, Victoria worked for Deutsche Bank Research and Capgemini. Victoria holds BS in Computer Science from Cornell University and MBA from Columbia Business School.
If you do not find your question on the list, feel free to contact us!
What do I do if I am not eligible for the program?
Please contact Elena Gusakova at and we will discuss what you are missing.
What do I do if I need help with preparing my materials or financials?
Please purchase the Advanced package, if you feel this is not enough, feel free to contact Elena Gusakova at
When do I need to take the "Advanced Package"?
When you feel that you do not understand how credible your valuation is for investors. Professional financials will help you to create the valuation that is credible for investors, and have the deal closed faster.
How long do I have to submit my documents?
We suggest that you take all the time you need to prepare high quality materials. We do not put any limit here.
How many attempts do I have to submit my investor documents?
One submission and one review is included. Extra submission will result in an additional fee of 50 EUR. We reserve the right not to send your documents, if they do not meet our minimum quality standards, as our investors expect a certain level of quality from us.
How long does it take you to conduct market research and create a custom VC list?
It usually takes about one week.
What happens if all VCs are not interested If you purchased the VIP package?
You will have the full report with the feedback from VCs and, in this case, you may think that probably, you can reconsider your MVP.
Do you guarantee I will get funding?
No, we do not guarantee you funding, what we guarantee is a comprehensive report on why VCs are interested/not interested in your startup (only for VIP package). For other packages, we will let you know if the VC is interested and will introduce you.
How will you evaluate my docs and pitch video?
We suggest that you take all the time you need to prepare high-quality materials. We do not have any time limit here. You have only one chance to make the first impression; therefore, think creatively and decide upon a video pitch. In the video, we aim to critically analyse if it covers your business's elements in a short, visually appealing narrative.
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