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  • Access to all materials.
  • Personal introductions to 5 VCs of your choice from our database.
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  • Access to all materials.
  • Personal introductions to 30 VCs of your choice from our database.
  • +All additional material from Advanced Package.
  • Custom VC list: Extensive market analysis and selections of 30+ most active VCs on the market suitable for your project. Learn more.
  • Facilitation of negotiations and support in communications with VCs.
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List of materials included in all packages:
Comprehensive materials to get ready for the funding
Guidelines on effective video pitch and one-pager.
Efficient video pitch and one-pager instructions.
Examples of pitch decks that raised financing
Learn from examples.
Investor's outreach strategy
A proven step plan describing how to start looking for investors.
Correspondence with investors
Samples of the introduction and follow up emails to investors.
The list of 200+ VC funds that we have warm relationships with
The list has all the information relevant to targeting VCs: technology, industry, stage, revenue requirements, etc.
Standard Seed/Series A term sheet
US and UK versions.
Key term sheet clauses
Where to watch out to protect your interests?
Guidance on creating a board of directors.
Step plan on how to conduct a successful board meeting. Effective board meeting agenda.
Recording of proven fundraising strategies by Alexander Yampolsky
Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO of SecurityScorecard: How to raise USD 114 million from Sequoia Capital and Google Ventures.